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Daft Punk ‘Something About Us’ For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro

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“It might not be the right time”

This song and lyrics mean so much to me, that I continually postponed arranging it. A few months ago I met someone incredibly special - and I kept thinking how it’s ironic, because after 4 years of living in NYC I met this person 2 months before I had to move. Why couldn’t I meet them 4 years ago? Why now? Or why not in 5 years?

Maybe you’re familiar with that feeling? It’s difficult, nostalgic, familiar, and strange - all at the same time. And that got me thinking, about how many times I’ve grown in my life, and how many times the timing just wasn’t right. Applying to college, meeting someone, a job opportunity, how you met your best friend…

…It’s all timing.

In this arrangement I knew its power wouldn’t be from a loud crescendo or fortissimo passage, the power would be from the silence and space between notes. The vibraphones were perfect for that, and layering the violins on top allowed me to emphasize the lyrics.

As I sit here I’m thinking about how I bumped into a good friend across town last month. Had I brushed my teeth 2 seconds longer or turned a different street corner, then I wouldn’t have saw them. How crazy is that?

But I’m gearing off topic. The idea is that ‘timing’ is really starting to make sense to me, and I’m beginning to get comfortable with the reality that you can’t micro manage fate or serendipity. All you can do is just enjoy life, see where it takes you, appreciate every moment that’s given to you, and grow from those experiences.

My heart cannot take this.

absolute favorite daft punk song

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